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Take control of your short URLs


Custom Alphabet

Choose the alphabet that deliver the best user experience. Automatically generate short URL IDs or set your own, you are in control!


URL expiration

Choose when you short URLs expire, both by a date or for number of resolves, globally or per URL


State-based Redirects

Don't lose the opportunity to value your expired short links! Use custom redirects for expired URL 🧐


Not just URL shortening

Take your business strategy to the next level and automatize your shortening tasks to save time for product development. Distill can provide results right now!


Custom Alphabet for short IDs

Need to remove characters ambiguity in your short URLs? Want to use кирилиця? δΈ­ζ–‡? What about emoji πŸ€”? With Dist:// you can easily choose which characters can be used when generating your short URLs!


URL Expiration/Exhaustion

Take control of your short URL lifetime with the granular expiration techniques that Dist:// provides and set custom redirect for when an URL has expired: keep your customer around even when the URL is not relevant anymore!

  • Expire an URL on a fixed date and time in the future
  • Decide for how long the URL is valid since it's creation
  • Limit how many times an URL will be resolved


Understanding how your short URLs are used allow you to make the best decision about how to control which content get exposed and when.

  • Get global statistics about your URLs
  • Dive into per URL detail analyses

Now Is The Time To Upgrade Your URL Shortening Solution

Target the right customers for your business with the help of Distill's revolutionary technology and deploy sophisticated short URL campaigns. Keep your customers happy and loyal.

  • Get complete control of your short URLs
  • Enter the future of URL Shortening technology
What better way to show off Dist:// URLs shortening magic than presenting you some great situations in a video

Pricing Options Table

Self Hosted
  • Up to 1000 short URLs
  • Up to 10000 resolves
  • TTL/Date/Hits resolve rules
  • Custom Alphabet and length
  • Custom domain
  • Hosted
  • Dedicated support
one off
  • Up to 20000 URL submits
  • Up to 200000 resolves
  • TTL/Date/Hits resolve rules
  • Custom Alphabet and length
  • Custom domain
  • SLA 99.9% Uptime
    (for the duration of the event)
  • 1 year guaranteed resolves
  • Up to 5000 URLs submits/m
  • Up to 50000 resolves/m
  • TTL/Date/Hits resolve rules
  • Custom Alphabet and length
  • Custom domain
  • Hosted
  • Backups/Restore
I started to use Distill for my birthday party at the club. Whatever.
Jude Thorn - Geek Party Goer
Awesome features for the money. I never thought such a low ammount of money would bring me so many reasons to live. Highly recommended to cure boredom.
Roy Smith - In between jobs
Distill is the best URL shortener for people that do not compromise. Also blockchain.
Marsha Singer - Online Marketer
Distill is the absolute best for when URL shortening is concerned, and much more. One of the greatest feature is to set expirations to the generated short urls, it creates a sense of urgency and you can keep your loved ones on their toes. Recommended!
Ronda Louis - Community Manager

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